One Trauma Unveils Another…

A few weeks ago, my local CLDR team got our first dispatch call: a multi-family apartment fire with 2 fatalities.  We were being called to assist with a grandmother and her child with autism who both were living in the complex and evacuated at this time.  Woah…fire, death, autism…this is a big one to handle […]

CDS Training Workshop a.k.a. “Superhero Training” – Tampa

We can’t thank the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals (FACLP) enough for hosting the Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) training in Tampa last weekend!  We are receiving the final paperwork for participants as we type this and CDS certifications are in process.  What a great group of 40 enthusiastic people ready to serve vulnerable kids after disasters!  As one […]

Play is Powerful- Louisiana

The second half of my trip was spent providing care to children in a couple different shelters and a newly opened DRC, Disaster Recovery Center. This space is located in a huge movie sound stage/warehouse and serves as a one stop shop for people to meet with FEMA and other disaster assistance agencies to find […]

Florida Prepares

In preparation for a potential need in Florida:     If you are already a certified disaster volunteer with our partner, Children’s Disaster Services, please email with your availability to respond.  If you are not available in the next few days, but might be available in the coming weeks, please email that info as well.