Karla Edwards- Hurricane Harvey

I’m home. Twelve days, four cities, and four shelters with Children’s Disaster Services. The thought that keeps weighing heavily on me as I quickly return to my normal life and routines is how many of the children and families I have spent time with over the past two weeks will not be experiencing this return […]

“We Need Grownups”

While we watch and pray for the best for Florida and surrounding states this weekend, we need all those who are certified with our partner Children’s Disaster Services and could potentially deploy for one or two weeks to be sure CDS has your availability by emailing SChastain@brethren.org.  THANK YOU, Lisa Crouch, a Michigan CCLS who has deployed […]

When There Are No Words…

Don’t you love how kids don’t always need words to communicate?  PLAY is where it’s at!   It is the modality of communication, expression, and processing especially when words don’t suffice. We love how well child life specialists know and embrace this. We also are at a loss for words ourselves right now— We are […]