CDS Rapid Responder

  • Prepare
    • Agree to be on list for responding quickly to local disaster situations to perform assigned responsibilities during response.
    • Gather information from CDS Regional Coordinator
    • Child Life Specialist CDS Rapid Responders compile and restock “emergency play pack” to utilize during a rapid response as step 3 (below)
  • Respond
    1. Assessment of the need for individuals to work with children
      • How many children are in need?
      • Where are the children? Shelters? Multi Agency Resource Centers (MARC)?
      • What location has the highest need for individuals to provide a safe place for children to play u0026amp; begin to process
    2. Connect with Red Cross/FEMA/other leaders to network and advocate for the needs of children
      • Show a respect for the intensity of the moment and their leadership. Approach with a high sensitivity to all that the disaster leaders have to navigate and attend to. Continually build bridges and cooperative relationships while also advocating for the needs of children
      • Advocate for CDS involvement (with a larger team to be deployed if ongoing child care is needed) based on the needs assessment
    3. Provide Emergent Play Opportunities, when appropriate
      • This will be the role of a CLS once roles 1 u0026amp; 2 are completed. Roles 1 u0026amp; 2 are always the first priority and can be completed sequentially or simultaneously by 2 responders.
      • Provide brief play opportunities for individuals or small groups from a “emergency play backpack” in the midst of chaos and with close proximity and permission of the parent/caregiver


  • CDS Certified volunteer
  • If CCLS, may also be called upon for emergent play opportunities in the midst of crisis (#3 role)

How to become:

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