CDS Regional or Local Area Coordinator

  • Prepare
    • Connect with your local Red Cross or disaster emergency management group u0026amp; attend Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) meetings, if available, to network and build awareness for the needs of children in disasters
    • Establish yourself as a contact for working with children in disasters locally
    • Network with regional CDS certified volunteers (CCLS and non-CCLS) so that vital teamwork connections can be established pre-disaster response (obtain list from CDS leadership)
  • Respond
    • Collaboratively with CDS leaders, coordinate large-scale local deployments
      • Delegating roles and responsibilities of CDS rapid responders on-site
      • Report needs/updates to CDS leadership


  • CDS certified volunteer, preferably with disaster deployment experience

How to become:

  • Email Kathy Fry-Miller at [email protected] stating interest
  • Selection is based on current need and individual qualifications and determined by CDS leadership
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