Thank you Cook Children’s!

We had another successful Children’s Disaster Services child-life specific training this weekend.  Thank you to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, TX for being a wonderful and gracious host.  We trained a total of 50 child life folks and thoroughly enjoyed the presence of their therapy dogs as well!  We can’t thank you enough and […]

“Did You Hear About the Hot Tub in a Tree…

…it’s in a graveyard? Everybody’s talking about it!” This was perhaps one of my favorite quotes from our recent deployment in Oak Grove and Smithville, MO. It came out of nowhere while a CDS volunteer engaged in sensory play with a child who days prior survived an F3 tornado ripping the roof off her home. While this […]

Upcoming Events in Boston and NYC

Happy Child Life Month! Child life specialists in the Boston and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to learn more about CLDR at the New England Child Life Professionals‘ Annual Child Life Month Event on April 3rd.  Click here for more information. Also, SAVE -THE-DATE for the Spring one-day Children’s Disaster Services training in New York City […]

Oak Grove, Missouri Response

Two child life specialists, Sarah Pfeifer and Lindsey Murphy are deploying with a Children’s Disaster Services team to Missouri after the devastating tornadoes/storms.  It is estimated that approximately 300 families have been affected with either severe damage or complete destruction of their homes.   Send them words of encouragement or comment your support here as […]

CLDR responds with CDS to EF-3 Tornado in Perryville, MO

Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) has been asked by the American Red Cross to serve in a Multi-Agency Resource Center in Perryville, Missouri in response to an EF-3 tornado that hit Tuesday night.  We are fortunate to have Rachel Erler, a University of Missouri child life student and Child Life Disaster Relief member joining the CDS team to […]