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Our mission to empower and support children and families in crises by integrating child life professionals’ services into impacted communities and mitigate the effects of traumatic events on children and families would not be possible without the involvement of people like you! 

CLDR Opportunities

CLDR is continually developing programming and deployment opportunities that align with our mission.  We often send out requests for deployments to CCLSs and CL students via social media and/or reaching those who have joined as a CLDR volunteer. 

Partner Opportunities

Children's Disaster Services

Children’s Disaster Services(CDS) is our partner with opportunities at both the local and national level for both Certified Child Life Specialists and child life students. CDS opportunities require you to become a Certified Volunteer through the CDS training. Once a Certified CDS Volunteer you are eligible to deploy to national disasters when requested and available. 

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Camp Noah


NoahCamp Noah is our partner with summer opportunities for both Certified Child Life Specialists and child life students in various areas across the country. Camp Noah is a nationally recognized preparedness and resiliency day camp offered to elementary age children in communities impacted by a disaster or crisis.

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