Become a CLDR Responder

CLDR offers two learning tracks for Child Life Specialists to become CLDR Disaster Responders:

CLDR Responder Collaborative Live Track

  • Training

    Live training session 4.5 hours, 4.5 PDU’s

  • Cost

    Cost $40

  • Dates

    2024 Dates: Saturday 12-4:30pm EST, January 20, November 16

CLDR Responder Independent Study Track

  • Training

    3 on-demand webinars (CLDR101, CLDR102, CLDR103), plus 1 hour live training intensive, 4 PDU’s

  • Cost

    Cost $25 for CLDR 103; $25 for 1hr LIVE Responder Session = $50

  • Dates

    2024 Dates: Tuesday 7:30pmEST, March 26, May 21, October 1

Once you’ve successfully completed either track, you will be sent our orientation paperwork and background check information. Payment for background checks is the responsibility of the responder.

All deployments under our partners, Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) and Camp Noah, must follow their  training and vetting processes.

**Many of you have already taken the Children’s Disaster Services training and are actively certified disaster volunteers with CDS.  The CDS training is necessary for all CDS deployments.  We strongly encourage the CDS training and participation with our partners CDS and Camp Noah.

If you have already completed the Children’s Disaster Services 24hr training, please email us to discuss an expedited process to also becoming a CLDR  Disaster Responder!


Check out our FAQ page for answers to common quesitons.