Become a CLDR Responder

CLDR requires the following steps to be eligible for CLDR Disaster Deployments:

All deployments under our partners, Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) and Camp Noah, must follow their training and vetting processes.

**Many of you have already taken the Children’s Disaster Services training and are actively certified disaster volunteers with CDS.  The CDS training is necessary for all CDS deployments.  We strongly encourage the CDS training and participation with our partners CDS and Camp Noah.

ALL OTHER DEPLOYMENTS with Child Life Disaster Relief, require the following steps for deployment eligibility:

  • Join Our Network
  • Complete These Virtual Trainings
  • Responder Training
  • Complete CLDR Paperwork
  • Background Check

Here's more information on how you can Join our Network

Complete the following online/virtual trainings:

  1. CLDR 101
  2. CLDR 102
  3. CLDR 103
  4. FEMA 100

Complete the LIVE CLDR Responder Training

Background check (process initiated by CLDR, responder pays $17.25)

Starting July 1, 2022, only CCLSs who have completed each of the above requirements will be eligible for disaster deployments through CLDR.

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