Organizational Trainings

Children have a natural tendency towards resilience, but when they experience a disaster, they need tools and support to promote positive coping. CLDR utilizes child life professionals’ expertise in child development and trauma-informed care to support children, help them mitigate the effects of trauma, and help restore their resilience.

In addition to our direct services provided at no charge in moments of need, we provide expert-led training and support for those seeking assistance while working directly with children:


CLDR offers expert-led practical training to support professionals, first responders, and caregivers working with children during and after disasters and emergency crises. 

Request trainings to increase confidence and competence when working with children affected by disasters using evidence-based methods.


CLDR offers easy-reference resources for supporting children of all developmental levels following a disaster. 
Request resources tailored specific to your population, language or audience.


CLDR offers psychosocial and emotional support by trained Certified Child Life Specialists for children and teens. 
Request coping sessions tailored specifically for your community’s recovery needs.