Webinar Courses

CLDR Responder Training Prerequisites


Child Life Disaster Relief RespondING to Disasters Training – for CCLSs (November 12)


FEMA 100

This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. This course is required for all CLDR Responders.


CLDR 103: Psychosocial Interventions After Disaster: The Advanced Skill of Child Directed Play

Presented by Katie Nees and Cara Smith. (1 PDU)


CLDR 102: Simplifying the Response: Five Essential Needs of Children During Disasters

Dr. Lindsey Murphy and Cara Smith present on on the Five Essential Needs of Children During Disasters. (1 PDU)


CLDR 101: Disaster Response & HoW Child Life Fits

CLDR Director Katie Nees presents on on Disaster Response and How Child Life Fits (1 PDU)

Professional Development Courses


CLDR 204: Regulating in Chaos

When we step into challenging situations, we can feel the impact of this on our body and emotions just as much as the children and families who we are serving. In this webinar, Lauren will explore tools and practices that involve using your own body as a tool to promote connection and safety for everyone, including yourself. 


CLDR 203: Staying Connected in the Challenge

This presentation focuses on developing tools for regulating our nervous systems and becoming the external regulator for children and families during challenging moments.


CLDR 202: Creating Space for Resiliency

This presentation focuses on designing environments and activities that support relationships as the foundation to developing protective factors in children and families leading to resilience.


CLDR 201: Suicide Prevention and Response: Your Role as a Responder

This presentation includes an introduction to global resources on suicide prevention and response in humanitarian settings, key actors in an emergency response, and the role Child Life Specialists can play within their scope of practice.


CLDR 104: Stories from the Field: Providing Dynamic Psychosocial Interventions After Disaster

Interested in learning more about Child Life Disaster Relief and how our team of child life specialist volunteers are using their unique skill set to positively impact the disaster relief community? This interactive panel is moderated by Cara Smith.