Disasters 101: Relevant Scholarly Articles

  We know many of you are like us and enjoy some good time to geek-out!  Here are a few scholarly articles we want to highlight that focus on the effects of disasters on children and families and the evidence-base for intervention. Five essential elements of immediate and mid–term mass trauma intervention: Empirical evidence Hobfoll, […]

A Season for Thankfulness – CLDR Volunteers

Lastly in our season of gratefulness, we want to give a special THANK YOU to our incredible volunteers who are at the heart of Child Life Disaster Relief.  This past year we had 35 volunteers deploy with Children’s Disaster Services teams to 8 national disasters.  These include: Missouri Tornadoes, The Mariposa, CA Wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane […]

A Season for Thankfulness – CLDR Local Task Force & VUF

Throughout the year, one of the main goals of CLDR has been to expand our local services across the nation.  It is our vision to have CLDR certified child life specialists responding to small-scale local events through systematic integration with their local emergency entities – American Red Cross, Emergency Management Agencies, first responders, etc.  Through […]

Gail Klayman- Hurricane Harvey

Gail is a retired CCLS with over 40 years experience working in the field.  Here is her deployment story. September 2017 was a time of relentless weather and disastrous devastation. I was on the Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) roster to be deployed to Texas after hurricane Harvey. Then I was switched to a roster for […]

Las Vegas: Support for the Children From Near and Far

    Lindsey Murphy and Boon Murray and several other Children’s Disaster Services teammates flew to Las Vegas yesterday from all areas of the country.  Today they worked to set up their space in a Family Assistance Center where early estimates predict approximately 22,000  – 27,000 individuals will be served over the next week. The […]

Disaster Response Update

We have two Child Life Specialists actively deploying on a Children’s Disaster Services team to Las Vegas.  Please offer Lindsey Murphy and Boon Murray your support as they begin working with the children affected by this horrific tragedy. So far, 23 child life specialists have deployed in the last several weeks with our partner CDS […]

Hurricane Harvey – Deployment Update – Help Needed

Currently the CLDR team is watching in horror with the rest of the world as Hurricane Harvey continues to decimate Houston and surrounding areas. We currently have 5 Certified Child Life Specialists with a team of 24 certified CDS volunteers deploying to assist. The challenges volunteers will face with the children impacted will no doubt […]