Camp Noah is a nationally recognized preparedness and resiliency day camp offered to elementary age children in communities impacted by a disaster or crisis. Camp Noah provides a safe and caring environment where children build resiliency skills within the familiarity of their own communities. They use a proven curriculum designed to help children process their disaster and/or trauma experience through creative activities and play. Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this safe and supportive setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future! (

Summer 2018 Camps & Locations

Camp Dates Location Disaster
June 18-22 Cameron, WI Tornado
July 9-14 Houston, TX Hurricane/Flooding
July 9-14 Albany, GA Tornado
July 9-13 Baton Rouge, LA Hurricanes/Flooding
July 16-20 Rockport, TX Hurricane/Flooding
July 23-27 Hardin, TX Hurricane/Flooding
Aug 6-10 Mendocino County, CA Wildfires
Aug 13-17 Reading, PA Hurricane Maria refugees
Aug TBD Houston, TX Hurricane/Flooding
TBD West Virginia Flooding, landslides, etc.

*please check back regularly as updates happen often

Camp Noah Locally Trained Volunteer (open to student and CCLS) Each Camp Noah is supported through Locally Trained Volunteers, Certified Camp Staff, and a Mental Health Professional. As part of our partnership, Camp Noah will be seeking our support to fill any of these roles:

  • The primary role is to support the camp through helping with food, registration, set-up and take-down, etc.  Online training is not required.

Camp Noah Certified Camp Staff (open to student and CCLS)

  • The primary role is to enact the camp curriculum and lead and support campers. Online training is required (free to CCLS and CL students).

Camp Noah Mental Health Professional (CCLS with Master’s degree only)

  • The primary role of the mental health professional is to be a resource and support to any children or staff with specific mental health needs during the camp.  In addition, should the need for additional or ongoing mental health support be assessed, the mental health professional will assist in providing contacts in the community for these ongoing services.  Online training is required (free of charge) and a $500 stipend will be offered for full-week commitment to the camp.

If you see a camp that you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Camp Noah volunteer interest form. In addition, CLDR will be reaching out to local members as needed.