Children’s Disaster Services

CLDR partners with

Children’s Disaster Services (CDS)

The first step to deploy with our partner Children’s Disaster Services (CDS), is to participate in a CDS training. CDS has been training and coordinating volunteers to work with children in the immediate aftermath of disasters since 1980. CDS is well-established in the field of disaster relief as a trusted and reliable organization to meet the needs of children after disasters. CDS sends out email communication requesting availability of those interested in deploying. To learn more and sign-up for CDS training visit them here.

CLDR has the privilege of joining CDS for national deployments working as part of CDS teams alongside teammates from various backgrounds. The diversity of backgrounds enables a well-rounded team focused on providing evidenced-based child-led play opportunities for children in the immediate aftermath of natural and man-made disasters.  CLDR members deploy with CDS as CDS volunteers.