CLDR 101

CLDR 101: Disaster Response and How Child Life Fits

Presented by Katie Nees. (1 PDU)

CLDR 102

CLDR 102: Five Essential Needs of Children During Disasters

Presented by Dr. Lindsey Murphy and Cara Smith. (1 PDU)

CLDR 103

Psychosocial Interventions After Disaster: The advanced skill of child directed play

1 PDU, $25

Presented by Katie Nees and Cara Smith. (1 PDU)

CLDR 104

Stories from the Field: Providing Dynamic Psychosocial Interventions after Disaster 

1.5 PDU, $25

Interested in learning more about Child Life Disaster Relief and how our team of child life specialist volunteers are using their unique skill set to positively impact the disaster relief community? Join us for an up close and personal look during our firist CLDR Stories Panel. This interactive panel will be moderated by Cara Smith.  Topics will include; deployment stories, best interventions based on disaster and lesson learned.

Moderator:   Cara Smith Panelists: 
  • Karla Edwards
  • Laura Breau
  • Erin Myers
  • Chris Bradbury
  • Cassidy Taylor
  • Tiffany Heinz
  • Christy French
  • Urania Dominguez
  • Eileen Esposito