Louisiana- Moving from One Shelter to Another

Are you guys like babysitters? “Yes. That, and so much more, let me tell you more”…As child life specialists we are all too familiar with our ‘elevator speech,’ and are ready to try to summarize all that we do in approximately three sentences. This is nearly impossible and never enough for someone to understand the […]

First Day in Louisiana by Brianna

Brianna Pastewski has written about her first day for us all to share in her experience.  This is by no means a requirement for CLSs who deploy!  But we are so grateful that she is letting us all get a peak into this with her and grateful for the opportunity for the child life community […]

Michigan CCLS joining the CDS team in LA!

We are excited to have a Michigan Certified Child Life Specialist joining the Children’s Disaster Services(CDS) teams in Louisiana!  Thus far the CDS teams have cared for over 165 children – keep up the great work! We continue to keep all those recovering from this disaster in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to […]

Deployment Alert: Louisiana flooding

IMMEDIATE NEED: We are seeking CDS Certified volunteers to deploy immediately to the disastrous flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Just yesterday there were approximately 500 people in shelters and overnight that number has risen to over 5,000.  Please contact Kathy Fry-Miller (Kfry-miller@brethren.org) if you are available to deploy anytime in the near future, beginning as […]