Deployment Alert: Louisiana flooding Press Press


We are seeking CDS Certified volunteers to deploy immediately to the disastrous flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Just yesterday there were approximately 500 people in shelters and overnight that number has risen to over 5,000.  Please contact Kathy Fry-Miller ([email protected]) if you are available to deploy anytime in the near future, beginning as soon as the next day or two, it would be helpful to put subject line “LA flooding deployment availability.”


National American Red Cross has also asked us to have teams on call the next several months as they prepare for a tough hurricane season compounded by the continuous floods we have experienced this year already!   If you could also send your potential availability for the next several months via e-mail to Kathy Fry-Miller ([email protected]) we would greatly appreciate having your potential availability in the database, it would be helpful to put subject line “Availability Fall 2016.”

Thank you so much in advance for your response to these requests, especially the urgent one in Louisiana.  As always, feel free to contact Child Life Disaster Relief directly if you have further questions at [email protected].

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