A Season for Thankfulness – CLDR Volunteers

Lastly in our season of gratefulness, we want to give a special THANK YOU to our incredible volunteers who are at the heart of Child Life Disaster Relief.  This past year we had 35 volunteers deploy with Children’s Disaster Services teams to 8 national disasters.  These include: Missouri Tornadoes, The Mariposa, CA Wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane […]

A Season for Thankfulness – Research Task Forces

We are incredibly grateful for our CLDR Research Task Force team members.  This past year, there have been two different CLDR research task forces working hard to build evidence and knowledge to help build sustainability for our organization, establish an evidenced-based foundation for our services, and create new knowledge through scientific exploration. The first task […]

A Season for Thankfulness – CLDR Local Task Force & VUF

Throughout the year, one of the main goals of CLDR has been to expand our local services across the nation.  It is our vision to have CLDR certified child life specialists responding to small-scale local events through systematic integration with their local emergency entities – American Red Cross, Emergency Management Agencies, first responders, etc.  Through […]

A Season for Thankfulness- Our Resources Task Force

We want to kick of this season of thankfulness by showing our gratitude for the CLDR Resources Task Force. The Resources Task force has worked throughout last year on gathering and examining all the various materials and literature available from a variety of sources.  The goal has been to utilize child life expertise to select, […]

A Season of Thankfulness #CLDRthankful

The CLDR leadership team is taking time this November to consider all we are grateful for and our list continues to grow.  We will be posting several posts on this theme of gratefulness this month- stay tuned! One thing we know for sure, we cannot do what we do without all of you. We are […]