A Season for Thankfulness- Our Resources Task Force

We want to kick of this season of thankfulness by showing our gratitude for the CLDR Resources Task Force.

The Resources Task force has worked throughout last year on gathering and examining all the various materials and literature available from a variety of sources.  The goal has been to utilize child life expertise to select, edit, and create items that will be most useful for child life specialists to use in their professional practice when disaster strikes and also to be available for other professionals and caregivers.

The task force continues to seek out and evaluate resources, determine the needs and best-use of items and fine-tune the items they’ve selected.  Several of those resources are available on our website here.  This Task Force is also expanding to seek out relevant educational experiences that our members would be most interested in for further education about children and trauma.  Thank you, Resources Task Force for all your work on this much-needed and on-going task!

Task Force lead by Lois Pearson and Katie Nees.

Members:  Paula Hampel, Maria Sherry, Caleb Tait, and Brianne Newman


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