Day 3: Play-Doh Naps

Today started with a press conference where we stood with city officials and the other relief organizations in front of a line of reporters (crazy!).  And then it ended with a nap on top of play-doh.


It was a quieter day overall for us in our play space.  One pre-teen girl seemed eager to talk and showed me pictures on Google  and described how it feels to have her family in the news and on social media. I colored and played cards with a young boy who cracked a smile every so often- I love the shy kids!  Later, another young boy gradually started playing slower and slower until he fell asleep with play-doh and roller in his hand…..the last few days have been exhausting, I think.



But you know what?  Right after a kid today told me that our play-doh selection was lame (we wore our supplies out yesterday!), I met up with a child life specialist (CLS) here in Orlando who had offered to help in any way we needed.  I asked if she could bring us a few more specific supplies and she gathered the items from other local child life specialists and brought them to us!  She is also continuing to help us connect with CLS’s for some potential in-hospital family needs.

imageI love that instant-friends feeling from our child life family.  Thank you, Orlando CLSs!  You’re just what we needed.

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Gail Klayman
Gail Klayman
7 years ago

Katie, child life specialists are just what this broken world needs. Thanks for continuing to heal others.

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