Day 1: Heading West

airportToday consisted of travel, travel and more travel! Everything went very smooth.  We are so fortunate to partner with some unbelievable organizations that help to make these volunteer trips a reality.

The Red Cross and Children’s Disaster Services organized all travel plans. I simply had to be flexible and be at the right place, at the right time! One of my fellow CDS volunteers shared with me today, that as long as you are flexible, you will never be bent out of shape! Which was obviously very relatable to our 14-hour travel day and this entire trip!

I still don’t have many more details at this time. I know that the fire has been 85-90% contained, which I hope can ease some of the stress and worry of those already impacted by this disaster. I hope the children and families continue to gather all of the support and resources needed to recover from this disaster and can soon return back to a new normal.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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7 years ago

Hi Paula, thinking about you and the lives you are impacting! Take care, Kristi

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