Day 3: Happy 4th of July!

4We celebrated the 4th of July a little different than I usually do…(no fireworks).

The children that we did see lost everything, their entire home. Their mother was present attempting to organize the final details of them transitioning to their new home. I think the photo below captures a lot more then words can explain.2 Patty (our team manager) was the one who noticed the three Sheriffs in the background and the stark difference beyond our barrier where the children were playing. I think this photo displays what our entire goal and mission is: to provide safe, expressive, play opportunities that allows kids to just be kids. I am hopeful that we see more children tomorrow, however, that’s the reality of the disaster world. You must be available to provide support, however, you never know what the needs are or what to expect.

The Red Cross also gave us a half day off today! We are forever grateful that we were able to explore some of this beautiful state and community. Below is a photo of our incredible CDS team at the Sequoia National Parks. 3

Until tomorrow…


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