Day 7: Packin’ Up and Headin’ Home

Today was our last day in the LAC. Lake Isabella, Kernville, Squirrel Valley and South Lake will forever hold a place close to my heart. These towns have such a strong sense of community and I will always be thankful for my time spent there.

The LAC had so many different resources present to provide to any individual impacted from this fire. Anything ranging from replacing your social security card and birth certificate to therapy dogs (which I obviously made quick friends with). Image-1


We were all just one giant team working together to hopefully ease some of the stress and anxiety that comes with recovering from a disaster.

One mother shared with me her sincere appreciation of Red Cross support and all other services provided. She stated, “It won’t replace what we lost, but it will give us a new start.” I think that’s exactly what we all hoped for, to positively impact these individuals and help them start their personal recovery process.

This was the sign in front of the elementary school where the LAC was located

I also need brag on my CDS team! We had such a dynamic group of individuals with experiences ranging from recreation therapy, early childhood education and child life. We truly had an amazing team.

Rhonda, Kim, Me, and Patty from CDS
Rhonda, Kim, Me, and Patty from CDS

Earlier in the week, during dramatic play, one child stated: “There was chaos everywhere, but they escaped with the greatest treasure of all; friendship and teamwork.” (Seriously, these kids were just that incredible!)

Thank you California for welcoming us with open arms and letting us be a part of your beautiful cities and state.


Thank you all for following and for all of the love and support. Continue to keep all of the individuals impacted from the Erskine Fire in your thoughts as they continue this recovery process.

Much love,


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