“We Need Grownups”

While we watch and pray for the best for Florida and surrounding states this weekend, we need all those who are certified with our partner Children’s Disaster Services and could potentially deploy for one or two weeks to be sure CDS has your availability by emailing [email protected].  THANK YOU, Lisa Crouch, a Michigan CCLS who has deployed to Florida already with the first Irma CDS team.  They are staying safe and ready to provide services to children quickly as the needs might arise.  

If you are in Florida right now and are a certified child life specialist with interest in potentially helping as a local responder -even for just a day or two- in the coming weeks, please let us know through this linkAND PLEASE STAY SAFE!

If you are part of a child life department at a hospital in Florida, we are reaching out to your department today via email to offer supplies and resources and of course our support.  Please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].

“We need grownups” Texas, 9/4/2017


This was a message written on a piece of construction paper by a child at one of CDS’s play centers in a Texas shelter earlier this week.  Whether this makes you smile or tear-up or both, it is a well-stated message.

THANK YOU to all our volunteers!

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