Las Vegas: Support for the Children From Near and Far



Lindsey Murphy and Boon Murray and several other Children’s Disaster Services teammates flew to Las Vegas yesterday from all areas of the country.  Today they worked to set up their space in a Family Assistance Center where early estimates predict approximately 22,000  – 27,000 individuals will be served over the next week.

The team quickly realized more supplies would be needed to be ready for tomorrow and at the same time, local child life specialists had already reached out willing to help.  Sydney Lewis and Erin Larsen and the rest of the child life team at Las Vegas’ Sunrise Children’s Hospital had responded to the disaster in their hospital the night of the tragedy.  They reached out to CLDR offering additional support (amazing!) and were able to gather more supplies and bring them to the CDS team.

Lindsey with Sydney and Erin
The CDS team with their new supplies from Sunrise Children’s Hospital child life team

Thank you Sunrise Children’s Child Life team!  We cannot begin to thank you for all the work you did in your hospital and then also reaching out to help the kids outside the hospital as well.

And thanks to all of you for your continued support. Feel free to follow our blog, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.


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Gail Klayman
Gail Klayman
6 years ago

So awesome to see this venue offering Child Life Specialists around the country collaborative opportunities to expand awareness and support for children in crisis.
Gail Klayman

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