CLDR Local Expansion Packs- and a Veterans United Foundation Party!

We had a Local Expansion Pack party and it was so much fun! 

The employees at Veterans United Home Loans gathered together in December to help assemble the Child Life Disaster Relief Local Expansion Packs.  More than 25 employees took time out of their day to unpack, organize, and assemble these backpacks full of our chosen tools funded entirely by the Veterans United Foundation.  Play-Doh, puppets, crayons, books and many more items were everywhere as they systematically organized each pack to get them ready for CLDR Local Responders.  In the near future, these packs will be distributed to CLDR Local Program Managers and Responders across the country (that could be you!).  Certified child life specialists will be able to meet the needs of children in their community affected by local disaster events using the intentionally chosen items in these backpacks for normalization, therapeutic play, and child-lead processing.  The ultimate goal is for children to have the support and tools they need to cope within the first crucial hours of the disaster event.  These hours can be not only some of the most vulnerable moments for children, but also the moments where children’s needs might be most overlooked due to many other competing needs.   The CLDR Local Task Force is working steadily to roll-out this initiative nationwide to support the integration of CLDR services for local response- this will be an ongoing learning process as efforts need to be tailored to each city/state.  If you want to learn more about the CLDR Local initiatives or are interested in being a part of this movement, please fill out the CLDR Local Program Manager or CLDR Local Responder interest forms. 

Thank you, Veterans United Foundation!

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