CLDR Urgent International Opportunity: Lifting Hands International

We are excited to announce a new international partnership with

Lifting Hands International

Lifting Hands International (LHI) is a grassroots organization that operates a community center in Serres, Greece for Yazidi refugees. The community center includes a children’s friendly space where child life specialists can use their skills to provide much-needed services to the children.  There is also a need for volunteers who can use their skills in Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Music, Photography, and more to provide classes for the refugees. Many of those classes can align well with child life psychosocial support skills.  
Volunteers:  Generally there is a 30 day required commitment for all incoming volunteers, but they are willing to make exceptions for people who can arrive in the coming weeks due to the urgent need for additional support on the ground. They request a background check and offer volunteer housing for 5 euros per night. For those committing to 90 days or more, housing is reduced to 50 euros a night. Volunteers are self-funded. 
Remote Opportunities:  Lifting Hands also has needs that can be met remotely.  These include the development of a document introducing trauma, PTSD, and other forms of trauma manifests and how to best support children who have experienced traumatic events.  They are also in need of a self-care guide for humanitarians working with refugees as well as an activity bank with basic craft ideas, sensory exercises, energetic/physical activities, etc.  If you would like to be involved with the CLDR International Task Force in creating some of these items, please contact Caralyn Perlee.
And of course, Lifting Hands International needs help spreading awareness of these urgent volunteer needs, so please share!

If you are interested in getting involved with Lifting Hands International, please e-mail Child Life Disaster Relief Director of International Relations, Caralyn Perlee at [email protected].



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