Preparing for Saipan and Rerouting to Chico, CA

The CDS deployment to Saipan for Typhoon Yutu was canceled just prior to departure due to the changing needs in Saipan.  While the Saipan CDS team was preparing to deploy across the ocean, the packing list continued to change.  The list originally included instructions to pack only a backpack, be prepared to walk long distances, and bring camping gear including a mosquito net, water purifier and reusable cutlery.  But within the short time of preparation those recommendations changed as roads and transportation started to resume in Saipan, hotels began to reopen, and a few grocery stores opened.  The changing conditions resulted in changing needs for the Saipan communities and the deployment was then canceled.  Several on that team were rerouted to deploy to Chico, California and are now working with kids and families affected by the overwhelming devastation and loss caused by Camp Fire.

Four CCLSs are deployed as part of the CDS team in Chico; we will have more updates on their work and experiences soon.   Please share your support for this team!

This picture shows all that is left of Paradise Church of the Brethren, also known as Paradise Community Church.
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