Flood Waters are Not for Play

As flood waters are rising throughout the midwest, we would like to put out a reminder that these waters can be dangerous, often more so sitting still.

Child Life Disaster Relief is a big fan of play. It’s powerful, healing, and beautiful. Seeing little ones play in flood water however is less so. In Missouri both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are toppling levees and destroying homes. Many of these homes have what are called ‘lagoons’ which is essentially an open septic pond. On a larger scale, many sewage treatment facilities tend to be located on or near floodplains. To put it plainly, if playing in flood water you are playing in human waste.

Additional threats of flood waters are many. They can carry hazardous waste from industrial facilities, farms, as well as hide sharp objects within. As the water continues to sit it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes which carry viruses such as West Nile.

While observing floodwaters can be an awe inspiring experience keep in mind that your children should keep their distance and understand the risks.

Photos provided by KatyTrailMO.com

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