Thank you Child Life Specialists for deploying to the Bahamas!

The last month has been a wild and amazing ride for Child Life Disaster Relief. The Bahamas Ministry of Health and US Coalition of Physicians requested Certified Child Life Specialists deploy to the Bahamas to provide support following Hurricane Dorian, and several volunteers answered the call.  These deployments would not have been possible without the generous donations from individuals throughout the country and the Veterans United Foundation. It goes without saying that we feel so incredibly grateful to all who have given time and resources to help fulfill this mission.

Over the next several weeks we will be sharing some of the experiences and stories from the child life specialist volunteers that served.  By the end of the second team’s deployment, they had worked with nearly 400 children! Team 3 returned home on Sunday, October 20th, while team 4 arrived in the Bahamas the same day.

Thank you again to all those who have made this deployment possible. A special thank you to our teams of certified child life specialist volunteers below.

Team 1

Cara Smith (lead), Eileen Esposito, and Hayley Wells

Team 2

Christen Bradbury (lead), Hallie Chancellor, Cassidy Taylor

Team 3

Tammy Hayes (lead), Jessica Johnson, Dana Burnett

Team 4

Ashley Zani (lead), Erin Myers, Gail Klayman

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