CLDR Local Responder


  • Connect with CLDR Local Program Manager or contact CLDR if one is not specified in your area


  • Respond in person to call for small-scale or single family local disaster incidents (fires, shootings, fatal accidents, etc.)
  • Provide psychosocial support in the immediate and direct aftermath of disasters and traumatic experiences in the community
  • Respond via phone to requests from emergency responders, parents, teachers, day-care providers, etc. for consultation regarding small-scale or single-family local disaster incidents
  • Provide written materials and resources, as needed
  • Refer appropriate individuals for additional support to Red Cross Mental Health team
  • Communicate activities back to CLDR 2x/year (if there is no local program manager
  • Certified Child Life Specialist
  • Complete required training through CDS or Red Cross
  • We highly recommend those in this role obtain CDS certification
  1. Contact CLDR Local Program Manager or CLDR Board of Directors at [email protected]
  2. Complete CLDR local responder information form