A Season for Thankfulness- Our Resources Task Force

We want to kick of this season of thankfulness by showing our gratitude for the CLDR Resources Task Force. The Resources Task force has worked throughout last year on gathering and examining all the various materials and literature available from a variety of sources.  The goal has been to utilize child life expertise to select, […]

A Season of Thankfulness #CLDRthankful

The CLDR leadership team is taking time this November to consider all we are grateful for and our list continues to grow.  We will be posting several posts on this theme of gratefulness this month- stay tuned! One thing we know for sure, we cannot do what we do without all of you. We are […]

Las Vegas Critical Response Deployment

Due to the sensitive nature of the October 1st tragedy in Las Vegas, we have needed to handle public information-sharing differently than other disasters.  However, we’d like to share a small part of the critical response deployment experience with you here: In total, our partner, Children’s Disaster Services sent out two critical response teams with […]

Bethany Petersen- Hurricane Irma

Bethany Petersen is a child life specialist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan.  This is her deployment story: I remember sitting in the airport the morning of September 17th, not knowing what I would be walking into in the coming hours. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of excitement and nervousness at the same […]

Northern California Fires- Call For Help

Our partner, Children’s Disaster Services has received an urgent request for two teams to work with the children affected by the devastating wildfires in Northern California.  If you are certified with CDS and have availability to leave Tuesday or Wednesday for 7-14 days, please contact Kathy Fry-Miller ASAP at KFry-Miller@brethren.org.    NOTE: This will be a […]

Lisa Crouch- Hurricane Irma

Lisa is a child life specialist who works for Quincy Community Schools in Michigan.  Here is her deployment story: The need to be flexible started before I even got to the airport. I was signed up for a relief team for Harvey…. 2 days before deployment we got word that Red Cross wanted a Children’s […]

Our Hearts are with Las Vegas

Our hearts are broken over the tragedy in Las Vegas.  We also know that children near and far are affected, even if they are not directly connected to a victim or survivor.  Click here for resources on how to talk to kids about this event, and join us in our support and prayers for those […]

Karla Edwards- Hurricane Harvey

I’m home. Twelve days, four cities, and four shelters with Children’s Disaster Services. The thought that keeps weighing heavily on me as I quickly return to my normal life and routines is how many of the children and families I have spent time with over the past two weeks will not be experiencing this return […]