Post Traumatic Growth & Resiliency

Many are aware of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). A lesser known concept, Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) is more common and very real. Dr. Gretchen M. Miller, a Certified Art Therapist and Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner, describes what Post-Traumatic Growth is and how it, “has strong, long-term positive effects for survivors of trauma.” View this fascinating article at: …

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Healing from Trauma with the Power of Human Connection

“Trauma and our responses to it cannot be understood outside the context of human relationships… The most traumatic aspects of all disasters involve the shattering of human connections. And this is especially true for children…” -Bruce Perry, MD As Valentine’s Day approaches, love and connecting with the ones we love is on the forefront of …

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FEMA PrepTalk by Dr. Lori Peek

Check out this very interesting and insightful resource from FEMA where Dr. Lori Peek talks about ‘Children and Disasters – Reducing Vulnerability and Building Capacity’. This PrepTalk proposes five ideas to reduce the vulnerability of children to disasters. Dr. Peek studies vulnerable populations in disasters and is the author of “Displaced: Life in the Katrina …

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