“Did You Hear About the Hot Tub in a Tree…

…it’s in a graveyard? Everybody’s talking about it!” This was perhaps one of my favorite quotes from our recent deployment in Oak Grove and Smithville, MO. It came out of nowhere while a CDS volunteer engaged in sensory play with a child who days prior survived an F3 tornado ripping the roof off her home. While this […]

One Trauma Unveils Another…

A few weeks ago, my local CLDR team got our first dispatch call: a multi-family apartment fire with 2 fatalities.  We were being called to assist with a grandmother and her child with autism who both were living in the complex and evacuated at this time.  Woah…fire, death, autism…this is a big one to handle […]

Day 1: Heading West

Today consisted of travel, travel and more travel! Everything went very smooth.  We are so fortunate to partner with some unbelievable organizations that help to make these volunteer trips a reality. The Red Cross and Children’s Disaster Services organized all travel plans. I simply had to be flexible and be at the right place, at […]

Day 3: Play-Doh Naps

Today started with a press conference where we stood with city officials and the other relief organizations in front of a line of reporters (crazy!).  And then it ended with a nap on top of play-doh. It was a quieter day overall for us in our play space.  One pre-teen girl seemed eager to talk […]