2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- Best CDS Picture Award

We had the priveledge of front row seats to a concert today.

This little girl belted out her original songs for quite a while!  Most of the words we couldn’t get but at one point she was singing about “listening to my mama!”  She threw in a couple dance moves too.

Pearl still found the energy at the end of the day today to meet this little boy where he was (literally) and let him lead their play together:

They sat in this bin (we’ve been running short on cardboard boxes) for a long time just talking and reading. I’m pretty sure this picture should win some sort of CDS award. It’s definitely my favorite!!

Late tonight we went back to the elementary school where 6 kids and 1 teacher died. We added one of our uniform shirts to the fence. We all wrote a little and signed it. The 7 crosses each had a light on top of them and it was definitely something to see that in the dark and quiet night.


While we were there, a car pulled up and we started talking to the guy. Turns out he is 20 and lived across the street from the school. He asked if we wanted to see his house and we saw a muddy spot with a lot of debris. He talked about his experience and the neighbors who died. He said he just keeps driving here to see it…can’t seem to stay away.
Makes sense to me.
It’s going to be hard to leave in a couple days…
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10 years ago

Oh my Katie! Even reading about this experience is incredible, I am so happy for you and everyone you touched! We are going to need a marathon catch up when you get back!

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