2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- Day Off

Since disasters don’t recognize weekends, we are each required to take a day off at some point. Mine was today.

Yesterday, I could tell I was getting worn out because I was ready to leave by the end of the day instead of wanting to stay and play. It makes me sad though because soon this will be over and I won’t have the option to stay and play anymore.

Even though I needed this day off, it’s hard to not be with the kids. It has seriously been an honor and so much fun.
My team had 60 kids total today and were able to have some significant interactions. Wish I had been there with them all, but so appreciative of a little break.
My flight has officially been scheduled and I leave early Friday morning to get back to work Friday night.
CDS has been working hard to pull together the team to replace us per Red Cross request.  It sounds like it has been difficult to get enough CDS volunteers this time around and some of my current teammates are considering extending their time here a couple days to try to help out as long as possible.
And THANK YOU to my team of amazing child life specialists at Cincinnati Children’s who stepped in with short notice to cover my shifts for these two weeks so I could be here.  I know the realities of the stress that caused them and I appreciate their support in this more than they know!
Who’s ready to go with me next time??
And one more picture tonight, since I have your attention….  LOOK AT MY CUTE NEPHEW, Ezra!!!

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

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Betsy Andersen
10 years ago

Um…seriously. That kid was making his own "disaster" in that hospital crib. Ain't nobody gonna make this kid frown! 🙂 Great closing, great closing. #biased

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