2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes – Goodbyes

Several of us went through the Red Cross “out processing” early this morning. We had to do a bunch of paperwork, etc. but it was much simpler than the in-processing on the first day.  As a parting gift, the Red Cross gave us each a huge hat with MILLER LIGHT on it. We have no idea why…
Then we spent the rest of the day with the kids– our last day with them.
We had a 13 year old with us today and her and I talked about silly things and serious things. She gave me a very detailed lesson on how to make enchiladas:

Including demonstrations with play-dough. She also said, “ok let me tell you all about the tornado from the beginning”. She talked about “running” from it in her uncle’s truck and seeing the tornado behind them picking up and throwing cars. She talked about several incredible details from this experience and her responsibility to stay calm for all her 6 younger siblings while getting separated from their parents during the chaos. Then we went back to our cooking lesson.  We had a good time together and she even asked me, “are you ghetto? Because I am”. I love it that the answer to that wasn’t obvious to her! Haha!

It was a great way to end. 🙂
Then we did what we do every night after closing….clean up. But this time we cleaned up knowing the next CDS group was taking over in the morning.


It’s been an amazing time here. A privilege.
The kids were the reason and the best part of it all, but my team was also pretty extraordinary.
Thanks to you all for following me on this experience. My hope is that you are catching this fever because there’s so much more to be done for the kids here and future disaster-situations.
Lastly, we joined Pearl in her art of TP-ing, which she insists she doesn’t normally do- and we left our leader, John, a small gift (this one not sponsored by Miller Light).
The End.
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10 years ago

Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us. That little girl's account of watching the tornado toss cars as they fled gave me chills. Much of the time my life is an emotional tornado…someday I hope it calms down and I would very much like to do something important like you are doing. I hope the rest of your summer is perfect.

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