2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- Best Toy on Earth

Here it is……the best toy on earth!:

The kids have been completely absorbed in the cardboard boxes. Some of the toddlers will crawl in the small boxes and I wish I had a picture to show you that!  It’s not just one kid either, several of them have been doing it. It calms the little ones immediately and the bigger ones will sit alone or together in this big box (above) for quite awhile sometimes, just completely content. It’s definitely different than the normal play with cardboard boxes- although I do believe they are the best toy no matter what!   It seems to me like they feel safe in the boxes, and there’s all kinds of reasons to guess why that is, but it’s just one of those moments where I really wish I knew what was going on inside of their heads. But then again, I love the fact that its a secret 🙂 and I kind of want it to stay their secret.  No- I REALLY want it to stay their secret.

We visited the elementary school that was hardest hit. They have crosses up for each child that died there. It was a very somber place. I know pictures just don’t do it justice…it was crazy- for lack of a better word. Hard to describe.


And here is a picture of our dorm room (smells like pee in the hallways!…classic!). Patty, who is on the left of the picture is my roommate. She is a preschool teacher from Colorado. On the right is Jane, a Parent Educator from Missouri. They are both really amazing with the kids.  I’ve noticed these two finding moments to really get into the play with the kids and do it in a way that clearly communicates devoted attention. Sometimes I kind of wish I was playing with them too!
Patty has been sharing with me her other CDS experiences including 9/11 – It’s amazing. And I just found out today that Jane is the mom of one of my college friends (Luke Lindberg)!  And she remembers meeting me once when she visited Luke at OWU. Small world!
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11 years ago

Love the first picture, SO CUTE!!!

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