Hurricane Florence Response Update

While the hurricane has come and gone, the flooding that ensues is still continuing to crest all over the east coast.  For families and responders providing support, this means there has been numerous changes, happening almost hourly, with road closures and shelter access.  Last Wednesday, some of our CLDR members travelled over 6 hours from one shelter to another, while others had to reroute to another destination all together.  One of the teams placed in a North Carolina shelter was able to serve 35 children in just one morning session – a few crayons and creativity is all it took! 

Danielle Eaves, a CCLS from FL currently deployed, shared her favorite part of the day was watching the kids flip over a Red Cross blanket to then use a permanent marker to create “their city”, inclusive of routes to shelters, their homes, their schools, etc.,  “It was great to watch both the older and younger kids enjoy this activity together!”


The teams continue to serve children in numerous shelters. We are grateful for CLDR member, Kellie Matters who joined those deployed and assisted in a shelter setup in College Park, Maryland.  

We appreciate everyone who has sent in their availability to help with this particular response.  We are continuing to coordinate and work to meet the needs of those affected and will keep you posted as this response continues to unfold.  



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