Six CLDR Members Deploying to Help Hurricane Florence Survivors

PHOTO CREDIT: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina coast late last week and has left thousands of people without power, homes, and the security of what was known.  Most devastating has been the flooding that has taken the death toll from Hurricane Florence up to 32 (as of today).  

This week we have a total of 6 Certified Child Life Specialists deploying with our partner, Children’s Disaster Services, on teams being sent to both North and South Carolina to help support children and families affected.  We thank each of them, their families, and colleagues for the necessary support to make this happen.  

Sharon McLeod – Elise Hebel – Carol Weis

Erin Myers – Catie McDaniel – Danielle Eaves Hernandez

With the devastation continuing there is certainly still potential for additional support to be needed. In special circumstances, we also have been able to utilize what we call “day workers” in the past.  Day workers are essentially CCLS’s that are local (within driving distance) to the disaster that can help fill in the teams when needed and available.  

Please continue to send us your availability, whether weeks or days, using this link.  

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