2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes – Goodbyes

Several of us went through the Red Cross “out processing” early this morning. We had to do a bunch of paperwork, etc. but it was much simpler than the in-processing on the first day.  As a parting gift, the Red Cross gave us each a huge hat with MILLER LIGHT on it. We have no […]

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- Day Off

Since disasters don’t recognize weekends, we are each required to take a day off at some point. Mine was today. Yesterday, I could tell I was getting worn out because I was ready to leave by the end of the day instead of wanting to stay and play. It makes me sad though because soon […]

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- TP Retaliation

I feel like I’m kind of over-it with all the devistation around us. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it’s all still here and I don’t like it!  And why is it that it seemed worse than ever this morning?!  Everything just looked so terrible. My new team-mate Kathy who has lots of […]

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes- Sigh!

Week one is completed and I’m exhausted!  What’s the best way to end week one? Getting moved to a hotel with our own rooms and bathrooms!! It’s amazing how good that feels! Patty and I TP’d Pearl’s door and now it’s time to crash. More kid stories another night. 🙂

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes-Missing Photos

This morning I was able to take some time and go to Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital and meet with the Child Life Manager, Erin. She gave me a really good idea of the tornado disaster from inside the hospital and how their child life department handled it.  It was an exciting conversation as we brainstormed […]