Training in Tampa, FL this September!

Don’t forget to register for our child life specific Children’s Disaster Services training in Tampa, FL on September 10th sponsored by the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals.  The seven hour training will include: Children’s Disaster Services overview–nurturing children, equipping volunteers, supporting families, communities, and partners (especially Red Cross, FEMA, and local agencies) Creating a picture […]

How to Talk to Our Kids about The Recent Events

Is anyone else aching over what’s been happening these last several weeks?  There’s no simple answer or explanation for any of the recent events.  They are each horrific and beyond comprehension.  Here’s an article (click on the image above) we found that does an excellent job putting into words the importance of talking with kids and […]

Day 7: Packin’ Up and Headin’ Home

Today was our last day in the LAC. Lake Isabella, Kernville, Squirrel Valley and South Lake will forever hold a place close to my heart. These towns have such a strong sense of community and I will always be thankful for my time spent there. The LAC had so many different resources present to provide to […]

Day 6: Story Telling

I have been so fortunate to have heard so many of these children’s “stories”. Some children come running into the center and yell, “Stupid Fire!” And then immediately engage in play. Some children express minor details of the fire during dramatic play and then quickly state, “And that’s the end of that story.” While other children sit […]

Day 5: Quality vs. Quantity

This is such a common phrase used in the field of Child Life. We have been seeing significantly low numbers here in the Local Assistance Center (LAC) since setting up, however, I don’t think that has anything to say in relation to the quality of interventions provided. Almost all of the children we have seen […]

Day 4: The Power of Play!

Today was unbelievable. I again struggle to put into words what we experienced today. Children are so resilient and always seem to surprise me in many different ways. I want to share with you all one story that puts into perspective what we are here to provide. This young boy was sitting at the table […]

Day 3: Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated the 4th of July a little different than I usually do…(no fireworks). The children that we did see lost everything, their entire home. Their mother was present attempting to organize the final details of them transitioning to their new home. I think the photo below captures a lot more then words can explain. Patty […]

Day 2: Perspective

I can honestly say now that I have a completely different perspective on what happens when a disaster strikes. I have been trying to put into words what this first day has been like and I am having a much more challenging time than anticipated. I think all I want to say right now is […]

Day 1: Heading West

Today consisted of travel, travel and more travel! Everything went very smooth.  We are so fortunate to partner with some unbelievable organizations that help to make these volunteer trips a reality. The Red Cross and Children’s Disaster Services organized all travel plans. I simply had to be flexible and be at the right place, at […]